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  • After finishing the final dance number in his hour-long “Owl be Open Source” presentation, Jake was once again denied his request for transfer to the marketing team.

  • For anyone who’s used this, or even just the wheels/gearbox…how’s the balance? Just, seeing as it has two wheels…I’m curious how it may work as a starting point for a simple-ish “Segue-like” standing robot. Anyone? Any thoughts? Thanks!

  • Does anyone know where (what country) these are manufactured in? Thank you!

  • Like my watch that “recharges itself” from the motion of my arm?

    Yes, why isn’t this more widely used? Especially in cellphones!?

  • How thick do you think the connections inside the IC are? They did suggest using nothing higher than a 3.7V Li-Po. Check he datasheet and/or a trace width calculator. It is within spec.