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  • I purchased one of these along with the 300mA 5 volt step up board ( Item #8290) and the 2000mAh LiPo battery. (Item #8483)
    I used them to power an arduino and ethernet shield with a 5V 500mA wall wart. The intent was to have a UPS so the arduino could send updates even when power is lost.
    I completely charged the battery, it measured 4v with about 250mA when the load was applied and my program ran just fine for about 30 minutes at which time it failed. After the failure I measured the battery voltage and it measured 1.5v. I did the calculations and I should have had at least 6 hours of run time. I charged the battery again but after 6 hours of charging the battery only read 3.2 volts and after 10 hours the battery dropped to .15v and would no longer charge. I swapped in an older 2500mAh battery I had on hand, it went on to the charger at 3.3v and was down to 1.6v in an hour. The step up board works fine with another battery.
    Is my charger defective? Have I killed both of my batteries?

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