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  • Thanks for posting this, mine just came in and I ran into the same issue. One 10m length draws about about 250mA when driven at 6V.

  • Does this unit have OCP/OVP?

    Edit: heh, well it seems to have some sort of fault mode where after a short you need to plug a charger back in to reset it. Think I'll add a fuse to my circuit just in case.

  • Place a 50 ohm, >1/2W resistor in parallel to your actual load. It will draw the ~100mA required to keep the battery on. Kind of a waste though....maybe try adding more LEDs until you're drawing enough current.

  • From testing my project the pack stayed on when sourcing about 160mA and turned off when sourcing 80mA. My guess would be the minimum "stay on" draw is probably 100mA.

  • we assumed that only our box is on that plane

    Seems like that would give you a value many magnitudes greater than the actual. Maybe for a more accurate estimate:

    Emissions generated transporting your box = Total Aircraft Emissions*(Weight of your box/Max payload weight of aircraft)

    You'd still have to make quite a few broad assumptions (aircraft at max capacity, etc) but if you know the shipping company and route you should be able to find the exact type of aircraft used.

  • Just fyi it appears to use about 150mA

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