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  • It was pure fortune the rundown even still exists! That's a few server upgrades ago and I'm merciless at axing old content.

  • Thanks for the concern, guys! I am currently still alive and quite thankful that people would notice otherwise.

  • Get in to the game and never have to worry about the dice bag again. Nice!

  • In Athens, GA, I'd like to suggest the University bookstore...but they were bought out by Follett.

    However, we do have an art supply store that is local and they do a lot of business with university students. Not sure it's the target demographic you're looking for, exactly, but a lot of creative people wander around in The Loft: http://loftartsupply.com/

  • I wouldn't be crushed if Sparkfun switched to undyed boxes, but I like the red color and icon and would miss them. My boxes are used for storing various projects or small parts, so either way they won't go to waste in my shop.

  • The LilyPad Arduino Documentation link above (http://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/ArduinoBoardLilyPad) says 8 MHz and has a whole lot of useful information. The product description also mentions it is 8 MHz in the second paragraph, but really the link is the place to go for information.
    Also, depending on how precisely you need to know the speed, you don't need fancy tools: Write a program that uses a set number of null operations to blink a light (http://www.arduino.cc/playground/Main/AVR). You'll get it close and by being creative you'll learn about the processor, too!
    A link that would be helpful to include under documents would be the ATMega328 data sheet

  • Ladyada has a great tutorial on these lights at http://www.ladyada.net/products/rgbledstrip/ It'd probably be a good link to include above.

  • Directly from the datasheet:
    Operating voltage:12V DC
    Current per 3 LEDs(separable every 3LEDs): 60mA
    Consumption watts per 3 LEDs: 0.72W
    I have put one of these strips on my bench and saw .50 A being pulled through the whole strip when it was white. I supplied 12V, but I have a very old linear regulating power supply which fluctuates a bit, so that's rough (+/ 200 mV). I seem to recall someone saying they got 50 mA through a 3-led segment (1/10th of the strand).
    What little I've found suggests that the LEDs used have a If of 60 mA when white (all colors). Since their Vf is 3-3.4 V in this state, I assume each section of three LEDs is in series, and the ten three-LED sections are in parallel. That makes the numbers add up, and 50 mA is in keeping with the typical current of 60 mA (once you account for resistor tolerance, safety margins and rudimentary color balancing).