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  • a stream of ideas flows among those who ignite others

  • I have used. Centigrade = (X -100)/2 .....

    and it worked I matched the temperature with the thermostat exactly the same. i traced back the value i initially had 160 from sensor, thermo 27C

    =(X*5) -500 /10

    =5( X - 100) / 10

    =(X -100)/2

    i would like to know other's thought on this

  • I bought this and it works great.

    just a technical question, I am using an arduino UNO and have connected the DATA, the Clock, and the Latch all to digital pins (no PMW) is that OK? (it works fine.. but its nice to have a justification) and I have noticed that some tutorials have the clock use a PMW pin others have the data... Kindly enlighten me if possible.

    Thanks :)

  • the claw doesn't come with a servo, this one comes with a metal gear servo ..

  • I bought 3 of this, and Seems like it requires a lot of power, it would be nice to have a tutorial on how to connect them to (say, arduino)

    when I connect mine to arduino the arduino almost powers out , then works again ... and so on ... if anyone has a good tutorial that would be nice as well :)

    I guess I'd need capacitors but I wouldn't know how to do it :(

  • would be nice if it was white ..

  • I love this !

  • I'm having the same problem :( what did you do ?

  • what is the servo used in this video ? and is there an assembly video ?

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