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  • Thanks for the reply! I'm very much a noob with these, and the part about the shift registers has gone right over my head…. Is there a way you could explain that a little more? My plan is to have the Arduino turn LEDs on/off based on the signals it gets from the cars RX. I guess I'm failing to see how this works with the shift registers? The applications I am seeing with them is to turn a bank of lights on/off or cause them to blink. Not to have individual control of each LED.

    Also, looking at the ATmega328 data sheet I'm failing to see anything other than the already stated limit of 150ma. Perhaps this is my ignorance showing through..

  • I am wanting to use this to drive 14 LEDs. If I use an external 3.3v supply (COM-00526) could I do this? I know in the Arduino website it says max 40ma per I/O, this is fine, but I need to supply about 300ma in total. If i use the external supply connected to VCC would I fry the chip by pulling 20ma through 14 of the I/O pins? This is going inside an r/c car so I would prefer to not have an external transistor board. Also, all 14 LEDs need separate control.

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