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  • So what am I going to do with it? I really don't know, but this gives me the ability to do so much. I'm thinking of designing an MP3 player if possible, or maybe a very light weight computer, or a USB mass storage device that provides me with information about write speed, read speed, size, file system, and other statistics. Who know? I don't even know.
    I'm really happy SparkFun.com had this, and glad that many people got stuff they've probably been eying for a long time, but never wanted to pull the trigger because of the expense. Maybe some people wanted to stock up on a bunch of LEDs, or maybe they're making a really neat LED cube.
    In any case, great job SparkFun! You've benefited so many, and your prices are always great. Your employees seem spirited, and you put some of the Spark and Fun into my life.

  • I'm a college student going to Mississippi State University about to begin a semester of learning about Microprocessors. I ended up buying the stuff I wanted to get for free, but again, I'm not mad or sad in any way. I can't wait until the stuff I ordered gets here! I ordered a graphic LCD screen and a PIC development board (the one with audio in/out, SD card reader, USB, Serial, and some other neat stuff).

  • I was ready for the submit button since last night at this time. I woke up and sat at the computer anxiously waiting to press submit, and when the time came, I did...
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    I never did get my order though, but I'm not angry at all. What SparkFun has done is great. They're a pretty small company from what I understand, and to give away... just give away $100,000 worth of stuff astounds me! That's a lot! A whole lot! It was a very generous thought that will provide many with the tools and parts to come up with tomorrow's 'gotta have' item.

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