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Kevyn Watkins

Member Since: June 15, 2013

Country: Australia

  • I should never have backed this on kickstarter, seeing as I'm still waiting for them to fulfill the pledge reward.

    I like how Adafruit won't stock a kickstarter until the campaign is completed, it's frustrating to see the products for sale here when I pledged Dec 15 2013.

  • Cool kit, but I'm finding the price hard to justify.

    It is a very large PCB though, so I guess a good portion of the expense is simply in that.

  • I'm sorry but I disagree, many companies register specific colours for there trademarks and branding. What if Caterpillar release a DMM for there service technicians? Who wins that law suit? Caterpillar with there registered tone or Fluke with EVERY TONE THAT COULD BE INTERPRETED AS YELLOW. Just how orange does there trademark cover? Or any other tone with a yellow base.

    Fluke just lost my vote, and I have several Fluke meters including a 8845 which are not yellow.