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  • I'm using Stanley professional organizer (~$12 per). removable compartments and pass the 'briefcase test' (yes you can hold them sideways with small parts).

    I do need to get around to building a shelving unit for them though.

  • I'm trying to hoop up the msgeq7 to electret microphone (I've tried both sparkfun's adafruit's microphones).

    I'm hooking it up as follows:

    Pin 1 - 5v (.10uf between pin 1&2) Pin 2 - Gnd Pin 3 - A0 (Arduino) Pin 4 - D4 (Arduino) Pin 5 - .1uf cap to OUT/AUD of the electret microphone Pin 6 - .10uf cap to GND Pin 7 - D5 (Adruino) Pin 8 - through two 100kohm resisters to power, 33pf cap to 5v

    I'm getting numbers from 40-200 on channel 0 and 6 and number around 830-930 on channels 1-5.

    that seems pretty constant regardless of my music volume

    Any clues?

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