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  • Yeah, the audio is completely broken.

    [edit] Oh, I clicked play again and now it's fine. Yay!

  • I don't know about these ones, but the Mitutoyo calipers I use at work are about 15 times more expensive, and their rated accuracy is +/- 0.01in.

  • I think that would be a much better way to do it. This year's game had an unintentional side-effect of "punishing" losers. After a few hundred (or few thousand) captchas solved, people start to feel frustrated and entitled to winnings. Definitely not the intended outcome...

  • I think the price is reasonable considering what you're getting, but I'd be much more inclined to...
    Oh hey, I just looked at the other enclosures, and there are plastic arduino cases for about $10, which is what I was going to make an argument for. Nevermind then. :)

  • Ah, that is an interesting video indeed. I'd like to know how such a bloody revolutionary was transformed into a pop culture icon. It's quite ironic, and a little sickening.

  • Bah, apparently comments are limited to 500 characters. That's annoying. How can I write a proper review in 500 characters?
    Anyway, this is a very nice station. It controls temperature nicely, heats up quickly, and the iron holder is sturdy and includes a handy solder spool holder. It worked very well when I tested it by soldering a 20 pin 0.1" header onto an LCD. It's a huge step up from my solder-burning radioshack iron, and a nice step up from the WLC100s I use at school.

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