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  • I can totally vouch for this model. I have a not-Sparkfun-branded version of the VC830L that I got from Amazon for $19.99 and it's served me well for years. in fact, I think I'll pick up a second today.

  • [Watch Shawn Blow Up Capacitors] CLICK!

    This is what I call edutainment. Informative and blowing stuff up is always fun.

  • The latest prototype for Mt. Sparkfun. Schematic to follow.

  • I found these to be absolutely ideal for making snap-on voltage regulation modules. Some headers, capacitors, a voltage regulator IC, and this to make a power supply for a breadboard or other prototyping device. Reduces the visual complexity of my prototyping space and I no longer have to keep recreating the wheel between projects.

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