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  • Sweet, I love some statistics!

  • I currently have Opera, Chrome, and Firefox open with different tabs in each. It depends on what I am doing. Some things just run better (or do not run at all) in different browsers. I do some web development also, so I like to check sites on different browsers to try and figure out what is wrong with my code. I also sometimes like to log into different accounts on the same site (yes, I am odd…) so using multiple browsers means I do not have to log out of my primary accounts to accomplish tasks (like work amazon vs personal amazon, or more pressing, work SparkFun vs personal SparkFun orders)

    With your last list of purchase conversion rate, is this accounting only for number of orders? I would be interested in seeing what the amount spent per order based on browser was. Maybe IE gets more purchases of small amounts, while Chrome or Firefox have larger dollar amount orders?


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