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  • Hi guys, quick question. In picture 3 for this component, there's a wiring diagram that shows R2 with a value of 10K. I used this on a circuit where VCC was 5V and it worked great. Now I want to use it in a 3.3V circuit. Do I need to change the value of R2, or can it stay at 10K? If it needs to change, is there a formula I can use to calculate what that value should be?

  • Hi guys! This little sensor is awesome, and I'm looking to integrate it into a PCB I'm designing. Is it in the SparkFun Eagle library? If so, what is it called? Thanks for your help!

  • Thanks Mike. Of course, I noticed that after I posted this. :-)

  • Hi guy, do you know when you'll be getting more of these in stock?

  • Hi guys, any idea when these will be back in stock?

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