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  • I just received my order and it appears mine came with the two servos. I ordered 2 claws (ROB-11525) and 2 medium servos (ROB-10333), the pan/tilt bracket (ROB-10335) for the head and 2 small servos (ROB-09065), and 2 claw pan/tilt brackets (ROB-11647) and 2 more medium servos, same model as mentioned above. The 2 claw pan/tilt brackets (ROB-11647) came with what appears to be two large servos pre-installed. Number on the installed servo shows “SO6NF STD” by DGServo. My medium servos (of which I now have two extra) were marked “SO5NF STD” also by DGServo. The small servos are 9g micros marked A0090. I’m not sure what servo they’re referring to in the description when they state it is not included and must be purchased separately. I’ll find a use for the two extra medium servos but wouldn’t have ordered them had I not needed to. I could have missed something somewhere too, that happens :)

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