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  • Here are some notes for the EVO FlyCam2 in R/C applications.

    FC2 has 3 modes: Video, Serial-Photo�which takes stills one at a time, and Single-Photo. Each mode is indicated by a different LED color and flashing pattern.

    Fast flashing green LED means Single Photo mode is ready, and slow-flashing green means Single Photo mode is ready. The two remaining modes flip/unflip the picture 180 degrees. Point is, to get videos, you have to have a solid green led, then cycle switch or button less than 3 seconds to toggle video capture ON/Off.

    At power-up, FC2 normally starts up in �Video� mode indicated by the LED showing solid green. If LED is not solid green, FC2 is in a mode other than �video� and you must change it, assuming you want to shoot videos. When the Transmitter�s (TX) switch or button is �on� (closed) MORE THAN 5 SECONDS the FC2 will SWITCH TO THE NEXT MODE.

    If the receiver channel to which the FC2 is attached is controlled by a switch rather than a button, you must CYCLE THE TX�s SWITCH from from OFF to ON to OFF in no more than 3 seconds to BEGIN/END the mode�s processing, whether video or still. OR if a button controls the channel rather than a switch, you simply PUSH THE BUTTON to start and then push it again to stop the mode�s processing. Be sure to hold down the button no more than 3 seconds.

    Prior to power-up, remember to turn video card switch to ON. Turn video capture switch/button on TX to OFF then turn TX ON. If solid green, video is ready; Otherwise, cycle to correct mode as explained above.

    Hope this helps


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