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  • Wow, this is awesome. I’m currently a MechE student, with a side interest in programming/electronics/mechatronics, so it’s really cool to see things like this combining all of those different areas in a way that can solve a very tangible problem. I look forward to seeing more videos and designs of these types of things as they are made! It’s really an inspiration to keep going with the studies.

  • So I’ve been using these, and normally they work fine, but recently, they have started shorting on me. They’ll be working fine, then all of a sudden, I’ll resupply power and nothing will work. If I remove the the MMA8452, everything else works. Then when I test the pins on the actual breakout using a multimeter (with it removed from the breadboard I am using), there is continuity between VCC and GND. I am running everything off of a 9v battery plugged into the RAW pin of an 3.3v Arduino Pro Mini, which properly regulates down to 3.3v as expected (verified with multimeter). I can swap in a different MMA8452 and everything works again. I have soldered standard straight pin headers to all of the breakouts, but I can’t imagine that that is the issue, since it only happens after using the accelerometer for a little while, so I don’t think it is a solder bridging issue, but I suppose it could be.

    Any ideas as to what might be happening? Is there anything that might cause a working PCB to short, or did I just get unlucky with the manufacturing? I would like to be able to fix anything that I can, since I’ve already killed 2 and only have 1 left to work with, and I would rather not buy more if the issue is going to keep happening.

  • That’s what I’d do. Using the SDFatLib to create CSV files is really easy. Wire it up to pins D10-13 on the Pro Mini and you’re good to go as far as wiring. The only thing I see that’s wrong is that it might not be hard enough to seem fancy?

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