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  • Note: I'm probably at the same knowledge level as you so keep that in mind.

    I don't see a problem with what you describe. The Ardweeny talks to the FTDI breakout board through SPI. It would also use SPI to talk to the USB Host Shield. This is perfectly fine, but you would probably have to reroute a pin or two and update your code (or modify existing free libraries). You would need to route and program a second Slave Select line for the USB Shield. Modifications to existing code would involve making sure that your two modules are not trying to use the SPI lines at the same time. SPI has simple protocols for this but you would likely have to modify some things in your code to make sure that SPI msgs are not being lost or crossed. Hope that makes sense and I hope I'm correct....


  • Hey guys,

    I'm playing around with my new USB Host Shield and have encountered a problem. I am simply connecting different optical mice to an Arduino Uno through the shield. I have got 1 (let's call it mouse A) up and running. It displays right/left/middle button presses and delta x's&y's for movement. I have a second mouse (mouse B) with the buttons working, but I cannot get the movement to display. On a guess, I probed my USB lines directly and noticed that neither the VBus pipe or the optical sensor Vss is at 5V. They both are running at 3.38V at the moment. I suspect that mouse A can function at that voltage but mouse B actually requires 5V to use it's optical sensor. Both data sheets for the optical sensors in each mouse state 4.25-5V for power supply. The USB Shield description says it provides 5V to the Vbus line, but maybe I missed the part saying you need to do steps A and B for that to happen.

    1) Any suggestions on what might be going wrong?

    2) Can I safely route a 5V line from my Arduino directly to the Vbus of the USB on the Shield? I figure it would be better to cut the existing Vbus line if I can find it, and then attach the 5V line from the Arduino. Thoughts? I'm worried that the MAX3421 reads a voltage level off the Vbus line and if I cut it, nothing will work.

    Thanks guys!! Ben

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