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  • Product WIG-10216 | about 2 years ago

    This worked great until I fried something on it by connecting it to usb while an unpowered external supply was connected to Vcc. I’m left unsure how you’d actually run it from an external 3.3V supply if this is the result, so I guess I won’t replace it. Now it’s a $60 Lipo charger…

  • Product WIG-08627 | about 2 years ago


  • Product WIG-09228 | about 5 years ago

    A very basic way to pull data off is to use Hyperterminal. Connect to the Ulog, for example, using a FT232 board and a USB cable. If you type ‘r’ in HT, then the Ulog will spit out everything that’s on it in hexadecimal format (I believe…).

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