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  • Yes, mine did the same thing - just tried to use it after it sat around in my house for ~2 years. It reads 65% RH. It will change (go up) if I blow on it. I tried reconditioning it for a day in a plastic bag with a saturated salt solution, and now it reads 43.5%. Actually humidity is ~30%. Here's an interesting paper on capacitive RH sensors: http://www.delmhorst.com/Documents/PDFs/Product-Support/White-Paper---Relative-Humidity-Sensor-Behavior-an.pdf They mention the calibration can go out in as little as months. They also say being inside certain types of plastic enclosures can contaminate them. I guess you could periodically check it's calibration in an environment with a saturated salt solution, but they do note that at the 75.5% RH level, the RH is very sensitive to temperature, so you'd still only be ballparking it.

  • This worked great until I fried something on it by connecting it to usb while an unpowered external supply was connected to Vcc. I'm left unsure how you'd actually run it from an external 3.3V supply if this is the result, so I guess I won't replace it. Now it's a $60 Lipo charger...

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  • A very basic way to pull data off is to use Hyperterminal. Connect to the Ulog, for example, using a FT232 board and a USB cable. If you type 'r' in HT, then the Ulog will spit out everything that's on it in hexadecimal format (I believe...).

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