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  • For the initial setup I used Atmel Studio 6, but then exported the project to a normal makefile setup (finding the correct build arguments requred a bit of work). One thing i found frustrating was to get a tool that could upload the binary to the board. I ended up using the bossa binary delivered with arduino IDE. It was somehow different from the other bossa versions I found elsewhere.

    I used the freeRTOS website freeRTOS.org for documentation, and I also bought the freeRTOS tutorial book for cortex-m3.

    Unfortunately I never used the RTOS analysis tools included in Atmel Studio that you talked about in another comment to this post, but that seems very convenient. Please let us know if you get it working!

  • Awesome post! I have been using freeRTOS for a while, running on an arduino DUE, and i really like it! It has extensive documentation and the forum is very active!

    There are a number of example freeRTOS projects for the DUE (cortexM3), so I based my project on one of them and stuck to using a setup with a makefile. I think that this is a good solution for many projects, but it is awesome that freeRTOS now is easily available for the arduino community, the learning curve for my setup was kind of steep... I can not wait to try this library, so many ideas!

  • I was really looking forward to the aerial competition, but i do understand the safety issue. It seems like a really fun challenge to incorporate vision systems, but as you said, systems like that will take a long time to complete. I know that i will try, and if you decide to re-introduce the aerial category next year with these changes, then I will do my best to get my quad ready. I assume that you allow international entries? :)

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