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  • I've done some searching, but can't seem to find even a high-level answer to a big question I have before I can buy a Tian. I see how to get it to pair to Bluetooth peripherals via Linux, but can the Arduino code access input from the Bluetooth devices?

    I have a pretty complex, Arduino-based robot that I need to automatically pair to multiple Bluetooth controllers when turned on. Then I need the Arduino to trigger motors and servos and send serial commands to other devices based on input from those Bluetooth controllers.

    All I need is some kind of "hello world" example where a Bluetooth device can pair with the Tian and talk to the Arduino side.

    Very open to alternative products. I really just need an Arduino-based Bluetooth host that can pair itself to fixed peripherals.

  • mAh/hr = milliamp hours per hour. in this context, "milliamp hour" is a unit of measure, not a rate of discharge. all they're saying is it takes an hour to charge a 500mAh battery. no need for insults or excessive hair splitting.

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