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  • Good info through and through. I have to add a variant to the color filter approach:

    Technically it's still a pixel per color but they're overlaid.

    On the Kodak sensor front I was seriously dismayed when, after selling the product to National Semi, it was summarily executed (after giving it a part number LM9630BIEA). There are some lurking out there and they percolate up occasionally.

  • The magician is a better buy, it comes with motors. Also, I modified the pololu magnetic encoder: You need to drill the center out to 3/32 on the PCB and 5/64 on the magnet to fit the magician motors. The magnet is three pole so you get 12 QEP per rev. The motor is 48/1 so you end up with 576 pulses per rotation of the wheel. The wheel is ~2.56 inches in diameter or roughly 8 inches in circumference aka ~72 QEP per inch of travel. Cheers!

  • I have a similar motor/encoder and I'm using two sensors per motor to get quadrature encoding that allows me to detect the direction of rotation. Make sure the encoders are rigidly mounted to preserve the spacing...

  • Don't hold your breath on a low-cost version of Matlab, they've been promising that since 1998...

  • I'm trying to use this as a wearable gadget and with about 0.5 meter of cable the shift register is seeing glitches (clocking on rising edge of data etc.) In the next rev of the board could you add some caps to provide better PS filtering to the board? I'm trying 1.0 - 4.7 uF tants and hope to improve the wire length to 1 meter.

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