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  • I am making a cuckoo clock with arduino UNO which takes time from Time.h. It consists of operation of a Motor which moves fwd and backwards using a H Driver. It also operates a Servo in between. I tried to make it work with Sparkfun MP3 Shield to play music tracks during various phases of movement. For the motor I have used pins not being used by the Sparkfun Shield. However, the project behaves un-predictably with while using MP3 Player. I am using SFEMP3Shield.h by bill porter to drive the Sparkfun MP3 Player.

    Does anyone have experience in such a project, are there any conflicts, should I use a different timer, or a RTC board. Is there any other method of playing music during various movements. I am attaching the sketch I have used. I would be grateful for any assistance.

  • I am using the MP3 Player board with Arduino Uno. I am also using arduino to control a Number of other devices such as motors and temp sensors. Individually the MP3 shield works very fine, however, the whole thing integrated works at times erratically, should I use end() to reset the board at end of each cycle since the programme operates over a Number of days, any suggestions please.

  • Ref my previous comment, the song plays well when only one of the stereo earphones are connected, with both connected it gets garbled, any help pl, regards

  • hello, I wired up my Sparkfun MP3 Player. It works but the songs I play are not very clear and the voice is garbled, though some instruments are clear. The MP3 file is at 192 bitrate. I am using the file MP3Shield_Library_Demo.ino by bill porter. Can you assist me please.

  • I have just bought a Sparkfun MP3 Shield. I am a little confused, which Library is to be used, there are a Number of them. What is the modification required to be carried out in the files? What is the format required on the SD Card.

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