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  • Two thoughts:
    1. The music and presentation really make this seem a lot more important or amazing than it really is. Not to diminish the hard work, really this is a praise for whoever came up with the presentation style itself as it really makes an otherwise marginally interesting thing seem like it is something more.
    2. It took 22 years to develop an algorithm to display four letter words? As a CS major I really hope that I am missing something here, because that is beyond laughable.

  • If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
    Talk about being totally unprepared, the site was basically unavailable even the day before the give away. No one thought to maybe prepare for an increase in load? I loved how I got the message that the site was down like an hour before it started. After trying to load the page many times and getting nothing but time-out's I gave up. I guess I should have just kept trying.
    Next time just do a drawing or else instead of giving away $100K, give away $80K and spend that extra $20K on a decent hosting package.
    Let's have a list of the winners so we can make sure that this wasn't all just a hoax to get us to load up our carts with stuff and then once we lost decide to go ahead and purchase anyways. I mean come on, site goes down right before the contest and when its finally back up ... oh its over.
    So good idea, but you were totally unprepared for this and have now left those of us who were screwed by network issues with a bad taste in our mouth.

  • The picture of the assembled device seems to have a nice mounting point for programming the chip, but in the parts list and in the picture of all the parts I do not see that part. In the schematic I believe this is the AVR_PRG part.
    This looks like a nice kit and all, but won't we need something to connect to the AVR to program it? Perhaps you should mention that or have a link to the things you will need to actually program the chip.

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