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  • Did I just buy this kit for 80 dollars here that I could have bought for 30 dollars less via the firmware link above (or 20 dollars less fully assembled)?

    It sure looks like it, and if so, I feel a bit silly for buying it here. :-(

  • Pete told me inductors are cool, so I thought I would buy some, but they are already gone. sigh

  • Are you down with the Chips and Chocolate? MCs SparkFun Will and SideKick Brian are for sure …

  • “Now the first step in using the new SparkFun brand TinySleepingBag is the stretch … oh man, who forgot to paint this thing red?!?!”

  • The process of naming the SparkFun company softball team had many partisans.

    In the end, the three finalists (The Spanish Thinkers, The Roman Line Dancers, and The Western Thespians) battled it out on the tiny warehouse stage using only the art of interpretive dance.

  • Related Product: https://www.sparkfun.com/products/9286

  • Related Product: https://www.sparkfun.com/products/11365

  • …then I brought it back around for the meat bag “windmill low five” but ended up playing the “keep your hands off my shiny metal a**” audio file instead.

  • Which parts make the inside larger than the outside? I want to do that to my garage!

  • You know, I wouldn’t mind doing the reCAPTCHA thing next year now that I’ve read a little bit about it. OK, maybe I would. ;-)

    The thing is I knew nothing about reCAPTCHA before sgrace and gourou (above) mentioned that the service helped digitize books. That may surprise you, but CAPTCHA stuff is just low on my list of interesting things to investigate on the Internet. shrug

    I would have felt much less like I totally wasted my time (and guilty for it) attempting to get free stuff if I had known you guys (and I, by extension) were doing good. So, make a bigger deal about it next time? Well, maybe. Reading so many comments about how to avoid doing the “unnecessary” part of the reCAPTCHA makes me think you guys did the right thing by not mentioning it so much (unless I missed it; see reCAPTCHA ignorance above).

    Thanks for the fun! :-)

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