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  • Check out the ones by Carnegie Mellon students; they have an FPGA course where they have to build something useful as a final project. Hackaday often has posts about them around this time of year (which is when they’re done) and has had a few posts on them recently. There are some on Hackaday.io as well.


    Careful with the trademarks there :D

    (And why do all of those links go to Google searches for the intended URLs?)

  • Mains wiring. A Thermos. The bolts that hold the wheels on a car. Any household appliance (clothes washer/dryer, dishwasher, toaster…). A comb. The fences and obstacles for AVC, or the robot combat enclosure.

  • “I will make these Actobotics parts as aerodynamic as any of the planes on the wall… even if it takes me a thousand CFD simulations!”

  • I really hope this Cypress–SparkFun collaboration results in the possibility of programming PSoCs without needing to use Windows to do it. I got a PSoC 4 Pioneer kit about a year ago, and haven’t done anything with it other than blinking the LED, just because it’s inconvenient to have to reboot into Windows to program it.

    I did ask the PSoC team on reddit whether they knew of any way to program it on a Mac without using Windows (either dual-boot or virtualized) and they didn’t at that time.

    P.S. Isn’t that a Hydra, not a Cerberus, in the thermal printer demo video?

  • What is “Moment Beared Temperature”?

  • It’s fixed now.

  • You suggest putting it on a computer monitor (which is already weird because this can probably only stick to smooth surfaces, i.e. just the screen itself on most monitors), but then note that it will be reversed if stuck to the outside of something. Therefore, everyone at SparkFun must have this monitor.

  • That’s what this is.

  • From looking at the pictured keys, I think so.