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  • Things are worth what people are willing to pay for them. Did you include those Olimex programmers because they fall in the category of "couldn't sell them on the site to begin with?" Then obviously SparkFun placed a value of $0 on them or they wouldn't have ended up in the e-waste pile to begin with so are they worth more than $10? Obviously not to SparkFun. But they should be worth >$10 to me???

    As for the chargers, you say "many of them worked just fine..." Are you saying you knowingly put some in that don't work? (Like BOTH of my LCD screens and the Olimex board that is worthless to anyone without its screen.) And if so, you are ok with that because of the "fine print?"

    I did NOT have high expectations going into this but do I feel like I got screwed and my complaints about that are getting glossed over because all you (and Customer Service) seem to want to do is hide behind the "fine print?" Absolutely. Lesson learned about how SFE "takes care" of its customers.

    Your "fine print" is full of the "randomness" of the contents but when someone's random box is full (if you call eight items full) of worthless junk you are not willing to admit to the fact that this "randomness" could actually cause that outcome...

  • My Dumpster Dive is pretty much, well, going into my dumpster sorry to say.

    Came with two Olimex boards, which jazzed me pretty good at first because one of them is the LCD-screen it-runs-Linux versions but there is no LCD screen so it's pretty much worthless unless I can source a replacement LCD cheap.

    Came with two Olimex USB programmers but neither one connects to anything on either of the Olimex boards.

    Came with two serial 16x2 LCD screens... very cool until I find out someone reprogrammed the PIC controllers on both (with the same thing no less) so I can't program them, one of them has no working backlight and they both have several horizontal lines that are not working. They look very used and were obviously returned because of the non-working lines.

    Came with a iMax B6 battery charger which seemed good on the surface... appears to be a counterfeit from what I've read about it online and not a very good one at that. Both side panels removed, lettering and LCD display smeared, obviously very used and returned.

    And it came with one item I may acutally use... the Poulou aluminum hubs everyone else seemed to get.

    IMHO, I completely wasted $22 that could have gone to something that I could have used for something actually useful.

    EDIT: now I actually feel like I actually got ripped-off when I see that the only thing in the box that is actually useable I could have purchased for $7.49 + about $2.00 shipping. So, basically I paid $22 for the privilege of throwing away their garbage for them.

  • How does their in-stock rating compare to yours on the items you have in stock? THAT is the true comparison. The vast majority of the stuff your "competitors" don't have in stock are items that are rarely ordered by anyone unless they need a huge quantity of them, in which case some manufacturing needs to happen to fill the order. Chances are just about nobody who shops here would ever order those items.

    These pretty graphs are nothing except a good exercise for a student reading this: http://tinyurl.com/n9ocj3e

  • My order just cleared exception and is now a "new order" (12:49 MT) and I made my order at 12:00:45. Woot! Can't wait to see what I scored!

  • Ditto...

  • I think they are going to cost WAY too much. You should not bother logging on to get one ;

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