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  • In my previous comment, in the paragraph describing the photo resistor issues, please substitute “photo resistor” for “temperature sensor”.

  • Both the Photo Resistor (#6) and Temperature Sensor (#7) circuits have problems.

    In the Photo Resistor circuit, the table that specifies which components to use and how to hook them up has temperature sensor on the wrong side of the voltage divider. So as ambient light brightnesses increases, the brightness of the LED decreases.

    In the Temperature Sensor (#7), the +5 volt and GND pins of the TMP36 chip are reversed in the documentation. This led to the indicated ambient temperature as being about 20F below the actual ambient temperature. Reversing the TMP36 fixed the problem, for a while. After running for about 15 minutes, the indicated temperature started rising to large values (about 450F), the TMP36 smelled as if something burning (it was) and it was way too hot to touch). I’m assuming that running the TMP36 chip backwards damaged the chip.

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