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  • So I happen to have a few of these, finally getting around to using them... looked up the data sheet and... it's not the same part :(

    It's similar, as though the datasheet is referencing an updated part, but that just won't do. It's not really a big deal since it's been discontinued and all, I'll do my best with my calipers, but it sure would have been nice to be able to import drawing dimensions...

    Hmmmmm... Next time around I'd make sure they match

  • Alrighty

    I have a few questions that would be useful to have posted for reference. I am designing a lighting system based on the zxld1360 but i need 5 drivers instead of three. In all other respects it will be the same as the above system.

    So... what is the part number for the inductor you are using and why is R1 47uF instead of 4.7uF as shown in the suggested usage in the datasheet for the zxld1360? And also why is L1, the inductor, 68 uH rather than the 47uH as shown, once again, in the datasheet?

    These would be helpful to know and may make modification easier in the future.

  • When will this be restocked????
    I need three of them for my Engineering Project ASAP

  • Whoa, hey...
    I just discovered a brilliant solution to this problem.
    If you attach your sensor to a panel, or anything really, so that the sensor is facing away from it......... you won't be able to see the symbols etched on the back! you can forget about them and be happy and never have to look at them.

  • I am completely confused...
    I have just purchased one of these boards but I have yet to power it on. I have been looking at how to control it and I just can't make any sense. My intent was to control the LEDs with an arduino through PWM, but the example code appears to be for avrdude only and is unintelligible and the datasheet isn't telling me anything I understand.
    Is it even possible to control this driver using the PWM output from an arduino? If it is, how do I control it? Do I need to add this magical transistor that I keep hearing about and how does that even work?
    p.s. get some example code in .txt

  • He may not need a door on the top, due to the laws of physics only minimal energy would be lost through the opening at the top. (heat rises, cold falls)

  • Which end is up?

  • where did the red green key go?
    are they not going to get another shipment?

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