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  • Hello, great ULP solving the fact that the cmh-t36 blurs feeder information into the current production files so it is forgotten at next run.

    After auto-desk changed eagle to a rental software I'm not going to upgrade any longer so the ULP need some work to work.

    line 760 and 821 set if to always true as E.populate is not in older versions. // if(E.populate && E.attribute["POPULATE"] != "DNP"){ if(0==0){ // always true.

    line 647 change "Feeder" to "Tray" dlgMessageBox("Error: Feeder file not found.", "OK");

    line 599 insert feederListMode = 0; before if() to always read local csv. to edit it in openoffice or other spreadsheet.

    I'm struggling haven the ULP to put my fiducials marks into the output file. I can see in the ULP there is something with with a feeder ID 1000 to do this but I can't get it to work.

    Is there a clever person there can tell me how the fiducial component is made correctly so it ends up in the output file ?

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