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I like cheese and bacon.

  • Why is this kit so crazy expensive?

  • Wow that yellow LED is so extremely bright!
    Can you guys post the software so that we can hack this thing?

  • First version of my modified firmware is available at http://github.com/st3fan/electronics/tree/master/sparkfun-seven-segment-display/
    It supports the minus sign and has a ‘!’ command to reset the display to a known state.

  • Couple of comments:
    * The default baud rate for the units that I received was 2400 and not 9600 as the documentation suggested. Took me some time to figure this out
    * I did not get the SPI mode to work. Sample code would be helpful. I’m using the same SPI code to talk to other SPI devices without any problem. Not sure what the problem is.
    * Allow the minus sign - I wanted to use this as the display for a thermometer. It is -11C here now. But I can’t display that.
    * Implemented a ‘reset display’ command. When the display gets confused there is no way to reset it.
    * Add a simple way to get to the programming pins of the chip. I will create new firmware that fixes the shortcomings mentioned earlier. I’ll probably solder on wires but this is far from ideal.

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