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  • Oh no! This would have made a perfect miniature-clock if 'segment E' wasn't tied to the Xtal pins now(It wasn't in the other rev), decimal points could be ignored in that instance and disconnected. I suppose with a bit or rewiring though!

    Looking forward to seeing one of these in white be it the new or old style. Is there a reason that hasn't happened yet?

  • Alrik always did try to fit in at the black-box sorting facility. It didn't help any though that his coworkers called him a barbarian for his left-handed approach.

  • logged in just to give you upboats for that, well played.

  • It's simple, just use two of them in series!


  • Agreed, and the weird thing is it's listed as "(2x5, Female)" the 2x5 portion are certainly male pins. If you were even going to try and refer to it as female it would be by the 1x10 crimp array.

    Wouldn't be the first time I've seen a gender-confused connector though.

  • Been using these and love them. The Auto mode is very handy when measuring resistors and capacitors because it with toggle between them automatically (as well as diode testing but I hardly use that portion.) The documentation is a little fuzzy, but these power off automatically after 10-15 minutes of use, unsure if that resets from taking a measurement. Hold FUNC while they're on to turn them off manually. A sliding switch would have been useful here!

    They don't have amazing resolution or range for tiny cap values, but if it can grab a rough/close value I prefer these to a +$100 LCR meter I use at work, think DMM with annoying tweezer wires. If only they could read inductance also!

  • mini != micro
    The related item I see is not the same connector as what's on this page. I honestly can't tell you the number of times I've confused mini with micro TBH..

  • The package is a standard 24pin SSOP, sparkfun carries a 28pin variant that should work with it.

  • I've never seen an NPN tied to the positive side of the supply. Was this meant for a PNP perhaps? seems like an odd design choice.

  • Agreeing on need for pictures with rulers involved, for now I'll just assume they're smaller than a toaster and larger than a grain of rice.

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