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  • I am currently using this product to create a ground station for UAS (multicopter and fixed wing) deployments as part of a research project. I am utilizing the wind vane and anemometer sensors, and have found them to be relatively accurate. As mentioned by other reviewers, the anemometer does give two contacts per revolution.

    I have found the wind vane to only really give 8 directions, not the 16 as advertised in the datasheet. That is due to the magnetic switch design, which simply allows for the tertiary directions to be measured, but does not guarantee that those tertiary directions will actually trigger. I personally used a 9.9 kOhm resistor (just happened to be what was lying around).

    For the anemometer, I found that I needed to give a scaling factor to take into account the fact that the anemometer does not spin at wind speed (due to aerodynamic affects caused by the opposite side cup coming through the air and the inefficiency of the cup in catching air). I found that a scaling factor of approximately 0.099 works, but this is based on very crude testing with a car in a somewhat windy environment.

    The pipe on which the weather station is mounted has an OD of 0.800 +/- 0.007 inches. The plastic boss for the arm that holds the wind vane and anemometer for the pipe to mate onto is 0.731 +/- 0.006 inches.

    The code for my project is located at https://github.com/UCSD-E4E/E4E-AAS, under the folder WeatherStation.

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