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  • i just bough 2 of these and when i test the first board out with my stepper i out in loose short wires that connected it to a breadboard(left them loose because i am planing on soldering longer wires on later for a permanent installation) The best i got was the motor jittering and not turning, and the chip would get hot. i though maybe because the wires were not soldered in they could have momentarily disconected and damaged the board. on the second driver i soldered short leads in which then hooked up to the breadboard and them my arduino. this time the motor worked but when i updated the code and changed only the max speed and acceleration(using the accelstepper library) nothing would happened. changed the speed back to what it was when the set up worked and nothing. have i fried both boards somehow? or is there something im missing. using a 12volt PSU. arduino mega and this stepper


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