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  • this is probably for mechanical support. With only one row of pins, The connector would rock slightly each time that the release arm was pressed. Over many cycles, the thin metal pins would fatigue and break. That is my guess anyway.

  • The mAh rating of the battery would not significantly affect the "tongue test". Besides, a quality alkaline 9V battery will have a similar mAh rating.
    Let me put my nerd hat on for a moment. A circuit that consists of two components - a battery and a tongue - will have a limited number of factors to consider. For simplicity, let us assume that the tongue can be modeled by some resistance and capacitance.
    A simple battery model may consist of its nominal open-circuit voltage (8.4V, or so); its source impedance (probably < 1 ohm); and its ampacity (450mAh).
    The ampacity will only be a factor when determining how long the battery will be able to adequately source your tongue circuit. The source impedance will limit the peak current and reduce actual output voltage. I have already lost interest, so we'll skip the second-order effects. All of this talk about cooking tongue has me hungry for lunch.

  • Cool product at a great price. There is a discrepancy between the description and the datasheet regarding ratings, though. My application will encouter surges in excess of 2A, so I will err on the side of caution. If there is documentation to support the 6A rating, then this is my connector of choice!

  • Check your package carefully. Your 20-pin SOIC package, that is. What you do with your package is your business.
    Make sure the body of your (SOIC) package is about 5.3mm. The 7.5mm or 0.3" (SOIC) body is not appropriate for this PCB.
    That being said, the 0.3" body can be rigged to just barely work, which may suffice for a couple of prototypes. I gently pressed the leads towards the body, which gave a reasonable heel fillet after reflow.

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