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  • Items also appear on the sale page - no buy all, but larger images than Wish List: Sale

  • Already did - you call it ‘Wish List’ …

    Introducing the Data Dozen Sale!

  • Perhaps SparkFun did the math - but the $5 shipping discount at x$ and Free or reduced at x+y$ would allow orders at $50 to get reduced shipping when the Upsell to $75 was too much or meant waiting to order (Impulse versus Upsell).

    If you ran your Numbers on TWO days “ARDUINO DAY” and the “LAST FALL’s Cyber Monday STAGGERED” sales day, versus all the rest - I’m sure you’ll see different numbers and distributions. I made two orders on Arduino day and FOUR on CYBER day - and all shipped for free. Those two AWESOME sales of TWO days probably neared a normal month’s volume and probably even higher percentage of the free shipping - that would be part of the cost of the sale day. The Staggered Cyber timing REALLY invited free shipping orders.

  • just checked that little store ‘amazon’ and saw this issue date: ‎Wednesday, ‎February ‎26, ‎2014 5:00:00 PM

  • On sites I use infrequently I ask not to save as well. But the nature of this SSL exposure means it was actually more at risk the more often you typed it in. If ‘they’ keep it safe in their ‘database’ then it is never transferred for display on each web transaction.

  • Not a SparkFun deficiency directly and Indeed it shows ‘‎Tuesday, ‎July ‎31, ‎2012 5:00:00 PM’ at this time (4/11/14 PM). Would have expected these things would be internally consistent and accurate - any such information has to be correct or it diminishes the point I ever validating it or blindly trusting it.

    Though I did just follow up on another shopping site and it has a certificate dated 4/8/14 which suggests they corrected other issues as well - even though they don’t have a banner of details.

  • I2C enabled would be nice - any progress?

  • … and why or why not would the BBB cape directly map to other ‘shield’ uses.

  • Interesting stuff! I followed the links - would be great if there was way to use the BOB-11551 breakout to work with your BBB plans.

  • Has anyone else gotten these and found the two machine screws to be non matching? I got two packs and each had one right size and one smaller diameter screw.