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  • Documents 'Teensyduino Software' is one click away from the actual :

    TeensyDuino version 1.54 released to support the Sparkfun MicroMod Teensy Processor board

  • Update Pending? This guide shows 8MB flash ... instead of 16MB

  • See

  • Indeed things moved :( It is an extended Teensy 4.0 and the 600 MHz 1062 MCU pin function grouping forced changes after the Major bus pins were allocated. USB Host and SDIO and SPI and Serial1 and Wire/i2c stayed in place. But a new mating board doesn't need any underside pad connects and Ethernet is just a magjack away - the underside pads can hold two 8 MB PSRAM chips or a 16 MB Flash {tested so far} with one PSRAM. But like 4.0 no onboard DAC support, and to use the PJRC audio board like the 4.0 takes a new Rev D board to pick up the pins changes.

  • magjack is DIY so far like : OSH Park shared project

  • Features should show:: 8MB Flash ( not 128MB) and 8 Serial not 7

    And the '2 Additional Flash Memory Locations' are different footprint sized like FLASH/RAM and the 8MB PSRAM

  • In getting out a SIK for a class my wife found example 4 (SIK-Guide-Code-V_3.3\SIK_circuit04_multipleLEDs\SIK_circuit04_multipleLEDs.ino) to be non functional in part with IDE 1.8.1 - checked wiring and it was right - some parts worked some didn't. Looking at the code I found this that should be corrected: void oneAfterAnother() and void oneOnAtATime() and void pingPong() for(index = 0; index <= 7; index = index++) and for(index = 7; index >= 0; index = index--) are wrong and end up not incrementing.

    they should be like: for(index = 0; index <= 7; index++) and for(index = 7; index >= 0; index--)

  • Sparkfun: Please update - please edit the spec above: "it can provide system voltage of 3.3V to other devices ..." - PJRC is " specifying Teensy 3.2's power output at 250 mA " - that is the reason for newer Teensy 3.2 versus the Teensy 3.1.

  • Indeed per PJRC the Teensy 3.2 replaced the 3.1 as follows :: "The main change is an improved 3.3V regulator, to allow Teensy to directly power ESP8266 Wifi, WIZ820io (W5200) Ethernet, and other power-hungry 3.3V devices." and "We're specifying Teensy 3.2's power output at 250 mA and the maximum voltage input at 6 volts"

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