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  • Hi, I am using MQ6 gas sensor in my circuit. when i power on it gives alert continuously.

    My configuration is like this.

    1. the two A pins shorted and connected to +5V through a pot (present POT value 4.7K)
    2. H on A side connected to +5V through 100ohm.
    3. The two B’s shorted and connected to 20K resistor to ground. also, a series resistor to NPN transistor.

    the problem is when i power on the circuit, the output is high continuously. I get 1V continuously on B pins. i tried to separate two B pins and i see on 1 B pin output is 5V and second pin 0.

    I am using a pretty new Gas sensor.

    Can you tell me why i am getting high on output continuously?

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