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  • Thanks this explains

  • I bought this one recently from a local distributor. Works flawless when plugging Attiny85 onto the board. However, when I soldered a 3x2 ISP header and tried to program an Arduino Pro Mini, it didn’t work, saying; “Double check connections and try again, or use -F to override this check” Connections are fine, checked for many times.

    I connected the 3x2 ISP to straight 6 pin header on Pro-Mini in following way;

    ProMini - TinyAVR

    • BLK - GND
    • GND - SCK
    • VCC - VCC
    • RX1 - MISO
    • TX0 - MOSI
    • GRN - RST (reset)
  • Is this compatible with AVR Studio?

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