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  • Could you explain in a just one or two sentences what is the goal of the FTDI module? On the picture, I see that on one side, it is linked to the Raspberry via the wedge. But, on the other side, I don’t see where the lead goes to. I guess it could be connected to an Arduino, which could blink leds and run motors. Am I correct? In that case, why don’t you connect the Arduino directly to a USB port of the Raspberry? Sorry for that question, but I am a beginner, and this is a … starter kit.

  • I am asking myself the same questions. It would be great if somebody could answer them.

    Now, I am using a Pololu Mini Maestro. But I would consider using that Sparkfun breakout board instead if I’d know how to connect an external source of power that might deliver from 0 to 5 amps to a bunch of hungry servos, without burning the TLC5940.

  • On most servos, the pwm signal is not on the middle pin. It is the VC which is on the middle pin. Fortunately, the design of the breakout board is correct regarding this issue.

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