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  • Thanks Nate, I actually mis-typed in my previous comment, I meant that we needed resolution of around 10g...

    I got it working, and I am getting readings with precision in the 0.0001kg range(0.1g), so it works for my purposes. If it is usefull to anyone I got the reference voltage for the calculations from the Full Scale Differential input range value in the datasheet and used that as the max voltage (2^24 for data).

    It's fun when you don't have to use the provided library (as useful as they are)

  • “The force (SEN-09674) awakens in the Sparkfun offices"

  • I'm planning on using this with the straight bar load cell (TAL220), but I need a resolution of around 10mg. The load cell states that it outputs 1mV/V, so with 5V excitation I would get 5mV with a load of 10Kg.

    Now, I am getting confused with the gain on this amplifier, with a gain of 128 the input would be 0.64V at full load, but what is the reference voltage? Or am I not thinking about this properly?

  • I have this module working in a project I built for a friend, and after some time of working properly, it won't work at all (display anything) unless I send the factory reset command via serial. I am using i2c with external pullups, connected to an Atmega328 with arduino bootloader running at 5V.

    What's weird is that on the same i2c bus I have the big open segment serial display (COM-11644) and that has worked like a charm all this time, while this one has had to be factory reset several times (a pain).

    They are obviously using different i2c addresses.

    ¿Any thoughts on what could be going on?

  • Casey demonstrates the new high tech workbench.

  • Bob was reely trying to spark some fun into inventory day by starting a pun war!

  • "I bet I can build a robot faster than you!" - Sparkfun employees take their bets a little too seriously.

  • Despite the enthusiasm, their ideas failed to turn on any of the bulbs...

  • The sparkfun team is very good at making decisions under pressure: "Well, I beleive that we should be running in that general direction. What do you think?" "Sure, and maybe get in the truck?"

  • So we were thinking about how to turn soldering into an Olympic sport...

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