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  • Hi Chekr, see my comment below. I suspect you need to change the name of the interrupts in the c file.

  • A note for those on newer linux or OS X systems:
    The code provided uses the older names for AVR interrupts, which won't work with newer compilers. If your board programs, but when you turn it on does nothing except flash the LEDS then:
    1. Re-run the compile step (make clean && make all) and you should see an error about an incorrect interrupt name.
    2. Change ISR (SIG_OVERFLOW2) to ISR(TIMER2_OVF_vect)
    3. Re-run make clean && make all and reprogram the device. It should now work!


  • Worth noting that the central pillar (kind of shown in the 4th image) extends down a reasonable distance, especially with the microswitch added. You need a fairly large container to panel mount this too.

  • I have a fetish for those pelican cases. Ever considered stocking them?

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