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  • For the R_SEN resistor values in the schematic, are those just in ohms? So .22 = 220 ohms?

  • Have you taken a look at these? http://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/cui-inc/SR-3501/CP-3507-ND/724806

  • So does this device take say 5v 2A power adapter and turn it into a 5v 6A power adapter or am I missing something?

  • Can this wire be used outdoors? Plan on running LEDs outside.

  • Any reason why this transistor is not in the general IC category with all the other transistors?

  • Thank you for the info. The main reason why I don't want to use the NeoPixel library is for my own knowledge expansion. I don't like relying on someone else. Plus I have found that with most libraries (such as jquery for example) there is a lot of extra code to make it "easy" to use, when the one or two purposes I need can be done in much less code; why waste resources when we don't need to?

  • Two questions:

    1. Does this include the WS2812B or do you have to purchase those separately?
    2. What if I don't want to use the NeoPixel library to control these? How would I control them without using a library?
  • I think it would be awesome if you guys sold enclosures that match the dimensions of these boards with screw holes to match. Maybe make a large enclosure that would be able to mount this board or a few mini breadboards with a standard size Solder-able breadboard. Then have a smaller enclosure that fits just the standard size board. It would make it easier for building and housing projects. Solid black and/or white? Maybe a clear top so we can show off the components? Just a thought.

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