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  • What do you mean? How do you create short by cutting?

  • The pixels on these keep blowing out one at a time after a few hours. Does anyone know why?

    I didn't buy them from sparkfun but adafruit but they are identical. I've checked my circuit configuration a hundred times (It only needs like 4 wires and I still double, triple checked.) I checked voltage level everywhere and no place had strange voltage reading. I added a 330, then 660 ohm resistor at the data-in line, tried different data-pins, and tried increasing capacitance across the input voltage up to 1480 uF. They work for a few hours then the first one always go out. Then I have to cut and resolder the wires. I've lost 6 pixels out of my 1 meter, 30 Led/meter strip from adafruit. No one seems to know why these are blowing up.

  • I think that would damage the Arduino board.

  • 'Darn it I need to fart'

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