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  • I have some ideas for an event at called a KiltBlowing..... that is all I feel I can say in this forum. But being able to play music through some wearable speakers plus maybe a secondary wireless transmitter and Super bright LED's would be part of the build.

  • This kit could not have come at better time. Here in my small town, my friends and I have been relegated to minority as the robot overlords have destroyed many factions of the human resistance. Our Faraday cages have only had limited success against the tesla guns that patrol units carry. The problem, as you can imagine, is they are heavy and not very mobile. Sew Electric will no doubt become the go too field guide for creating flexible wearable Faraday garments but also serve as the foundation for the first offensive in months. We will finally be able to infiltrate some of the control stations in occupied districts with the disguises that our rebel units will be able to design with the Tactical Electronic Survival Field Kit aka LilyPad Design Kit. We still have a long way to go but know with the support and training that we get from SparkFun we have fighting chance of overcoming these odds and let humanity prevail. Keep up the good work Solder Solider and stay Creative! Over and Out!