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  • Teach me to be an early adopter. I suppose I could return the RedBoard that is in transit now and pick up a new one to get the AK9753....

  • I have never played the game, but I would imagine the win % is not super high, otherwise you would have heard more complaints sooner.

    As written, your rules have a 68% of success, a 6% chance of failing at step 7 and a 26% chance of failing at step 8. As you discovered, it only took a relatively small number of wins to reproduce the problem. Turns out your quads got lucky that you decided to treat red differently and limit it to 2 instead of 3. If you do nothing except allow red to appear up to 3 times like the other two colors, your odds of success jump to 96% with a 4% chance of failing at step 8. That would have required a lot more jumping to reproduce!

    If you want 100% success, while disallowing repeats, you need to permit two of the three colors to appear 4 times in an 8 step sequence, and the other to appear 3 times. Simply allowing all colors to appear at most 4 times is a reasonable choice, again for 8 steps.

    Of course, if you do not want to re-jigger the odds every time you change the game (add steps or a fourth trampoline), be sure to avoid while(true) and forever [for(;;)] as well.

  • I was trying to leave you the "a-ha" moment instead of bludgeoning you with it.

    Yes, the next button is Red. And then...

    Rule 1 : The only choice remaining is Red. Rule 2: The choice must not be Red.

  • Your rules allow 2 Red, 3 Blue and 3 Green only, and no repeats.

    Blue, Green, Blue, Green, Blue, Green, what happens now?

    Blue, Red, Blue, Red, Blue, ???

    Green, Blue, Red, Blue, Red, Blue, Green, ???

    I'd say a hang is worse than a repeat or somebody's feelings being hurt by not getting to jump as many times. Long term, your new solution is fine, but in general I would consider making these "suggestions" rather than rules by replacing the while(true) with a for loop.

  • Let the staff relax, have a few cold ones and start filling orders again the next day. ( I would wager that racking up time-and-a-half eases a bit of the pain as well). You already warn about slippage in the same-day shipping policy, I am sure many of us west of CO would happily wait a day or two in exchange for some of these deals.

    Between this and the typo on the Black Friday post listing the end date as 12/27 instead of 11/27 I am 0 for 2. Or is that 2 for 2 saving myself from my own impulses?

  • According to Pete, this new barrier system will provide enough protection to allow an aerial competition at AVC16.

  • Epic Shawn

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