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  • For those looking for a ball caster that would replace the horrible nub caster on this, look at this caster. This turns much smoother and without the horrible noise.

  • Replying to my own question... This ball caster seem to work great with this chassis. This now turns much smoother and without a cringing noise!

  • Is there a ball caster that could replace the nub caster on this?

  • Any reason why this sensor indicates 20% humidity (outside), while different weather stations shows 60% humidity for the same location? Temperature is correct.

  • I was very happy to see that this had a sticker on it, which is the length of the chip and has all the pin names (e.g. GND, VCC, D8, D9...). Thanks Sparkfun! Very helpful!

  • I'm still curious to hear what other people get as far as range and if they're using antennae. But after reading up, I learned that a straight antenna is what you're supposed to use. One of mine was curved and after straightening it it increased the range enough to reach outside the house.

  • With 5v I can't seem to get any better range than across the room. My goal is to have this transmitter outside the house and a receiver inside the house, and right now using antennae on both the receiver and transmitter, they seem to fall out of range. Is this what I should be expecting of the max range for these using 5v?

  • I've tried this bracket with the recommended servos and the head tilts, but it eventually quirks and the head (tilting part) starts tilting further down, and servo is very hot and keeps making noise. No load. I didn't tighten the screws much, and I've put as many washers as possible.

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