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  • I contacted the manufacturer, and they said the u-blox module is a G7020-KT. I wasn't able to update the firmware on it, but I was able to use the u-blox management software (u-center) to view information coming out of the receiver, and to do some simple configuration such as change the baud rate.

    Regarding the availability of a PPS output, I am afraid the story there is rather grim. There is obviously no PPS output on the 6-pin connector, as is evident from reading the datasheet. I also looked carefully at he visible traces and connection points on the module, and there's nothing there but the signals on the connector. I am sure the u-blox module inside this thing does have a PPS pin, but you'd have to crack it open to get to that, and it's very likely you would break it.

    You could use the first start bit (falling edge) on each burst of serial data as a crude PPS output, but i am looking at that on my scope right now, compared to a true PPS output from another module, and there is about 58 - 66ms of delay from the true PPS output to the start of the serial transmission. The delay is not a big deal, but that 8ms of jitter will be an issue for many applications.

    So I would say this is a good module for location sensing, but not suitable at all for any sort of precision time application. Really, it's ashame because the PPS output could have easily been plumbed out and accessible with zero additional cost. SparkFun, maybe you can encourage the manufacturer to do that in a future iteration.

  • It is 9600. However, you can download the u-center software linked above and change the baud rate to whatever you want.

  • What specific u-blox module is this using? I've spent the last 2 hours trying to determine this information from the u-center software, but I can't find a way to do that. It's also not listed in the "datasheet" linked above.

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