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  • 25% of all light must be natural? So you have to make it like an aquarium to meet winter-time operations where there is no natural light for perhaps 16 hours a day.

    The 25% figure sounds like a mis-communication or misinterpretation. I can't find any reference to it in the public version v1.0 of the code.

  • Where did the materials to make the ATMEGA328 come from? Do you have to account for the "embedded carbon" in them when they're at the despatch good loading bay at the factory where the device was "made"?

    The costs of supplying the bureaucratic food chain is a tax if imposed by law. A tax which, in the case of "air miles" is substantially outside of the sovereign territories of those imposing the tax. Imagine going on vacation in a foreign country and being taxed by them for your (notional) activities at home?

    How much of the embedded carbon has already been accounted? Isn't the true cost embedded within the price that you pay for the component?

    Any contributions that you make to the farce will continue to fuel the farce.

    Concentrate on making fun stuff. That makes more sense and has the potential to improve the human condition for the growing generations.

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