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  • So I have found the mid point for my MAG3110 to be: x_offset = -114; y_offset = 113; z_offset = 122;

    And my top reading after subtracting this about 32000… Not really 0.1 uT per tick here is it? :P Does anyone know how this is this scaled?

  • I can get readings that seems to be legit but it for sure doesn’t spit out uT or even 0.1uT when just reading the data…

    For example: (using FEZ Domino) x = (Int16)(receiveData[2] (backarrowbackarrow) 8 | receiveData[1]);

    Will result in a value between -13553 to -7665… (when being stationary)

    If we are not being magnetized as a species by 1355uT my scale or something is waaaaayyyy off! ;)

    A little help please?

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