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  • Nice project. Easy to build. If you need instructions, maybe you should consider a different hobby. I bought this to use as an embedded counter for an SN76477 sound generator. It works very well in the audio range. I tested it up to 4MHz using a calibrated function generator and it tracked just fine when the input was properly terminated. I saw an error of less than a quarter percent over the range I tested it. Cleaning the board is a must. To build it, just look at the values of the parts in the kit and look at the board. It is very clear how to put it together. Lack of socket and hardware is likely what put this project under 30 bucks and I am fine with that. I have sip strip and hardware at my prototyping bench and was more than willing to use it. Don't be discouraged by the genius that is tossing this one into their scrap bin. That person should give up on electronics and get their old job back. No shame in carrying a bucket. Even Kings have to pee. And that should be plenty challenging for a person of your particular skill set. This is a great little counter for embedded projects and it is easy to assemble. If it had been much more than this price I might not have bought it simply because I was looking for cheap and easy. Thank you Sparkfun. I appreciate your work in bringing us useful tools like this.

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