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  • Ok I reverse engineered the firmware (that is: rewrote it). http://vanheusden.com/Arduino/sparkfun_geigercounter_fw_reveng.tgz That tar file includes an "arduino-mk" compatible makefile but if you load it into the arduino ide and choose the "arduino pro or pro mini (3,3V, 8MHz) w/ atmega328 then it'll work as well.

  • How can I re-flash the device from linux? I would like to put the v13 firmware in it. I tried e.g.: avrdude -c stk500v2 -p m328p -P /dev/ttyUSB0 -U flash:w:geiger_main-v13.hex but this gives timeouts.

  • how much power does the device use? (in mA)

    and can it be build in a closed box or does it need ventilation?

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